Points to remember:

  • A white envelope will generally get opened more times than a brown one – brown envelopes are seen as the domain of trade mailings and hold little interest for consumers.
  • A message on the envelope will always help people decide if it is worth opening – the message must relate to either the contents of the envelope or the benefits that will accrue from action taken by the recipient based on the contents.
  • If you have not included your return address printed on the envelope it will mean two things – firstly the recipient cannot quickly see who has sent it so it has a lower chance of being opened, and secondly if it is undeliverable for any reason it cannot be returned by the Royal Mail. This means you will not get any returns so cannot calculate the true response figure against those who DID receive your mailing.
  • Using an A4 envelope to enclose an A5 leaflet is not only uneconomic (higher postal charges), but gives a poor impression to the recipient – in addition the Royal Mail have a habit of not looking after envelopes and it could, therefore, arrive in poor condition.
  • If you have used a rubber stamp for the postage, DON´T – it is not only untidy but loses the sense of personalisation, use PPI if possible or a stamp. A real stamp does not say direct mail.

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