Is print the new vinyl in education marketing?


It’s real. You can touch it. Enjoy the feel and the artwork. Pass it round…

Everything’s digital now…websites… social media… your contacts… your friends… your travel…

But not quite everything. There’s been a recent massive resurgence in print. People are enjoying printed pages that you can touch, hold and see together. Families like to pass printed literature around and it stays on the table to be looked at again and again.

Think about what happened to vinyl

Records were huge in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Then there were tapes and CDs and finally the birth of the MP3 (Moving Picture – if you wondered).

Suddenly digital music took over. iPods loomed large. Then something surprising happened. The tables turned and DJs started spinning discs. Teenagers thought they were cool. Everyone likes the warmer, richer sound, the art and there was a connection between the generations. Suddenly vinyl made a resurgence and now with trendy vinyl stores opening all over the UK, vinyl is here to stay.

Print is back with a vengeance too

We never stopped loving print. There’s something about the colours and life of a printed postcard, leaflet or brochure that feels bright and real. Printed literature has a long life. It gets passed around, considered and stays at home for everyone to see. Print isn’t dead, digital didn’t kill it, because print offers style and substance. Take a look at these facts from Royal Mail*:

  • As a direct result of receiving postal mail, 86% of people say they’ve connected with a business online
  • 36% of people have bought or ordered as a result of receiving direct marketing postal mail in last twelve months
  • 70% of consumers think better of brands that send a direct mail postal campaign – and feel more valued

Brilliant, outstanding, innovative design

Printed pages have a sensory, tactile advantage over digital. There’s a quality feel and a smell of ink and paper. Print doesn’t have to scroll or be responsive, so it can have fresh layouts and formats. Also, you can be clever with print, as you can make your content harder to tell the difference between expert articles and advertising.

Print hangs around

Unlike an email or a portal, a good-looking brochure will be left on a coffee table for granny to see or a student to thumb through, or mum and dad to check out when they get home from work. Print reaches everyone at all levels, comfortably and in their own time.

Just like vinyls, print is back in the groove

From promotional flyers to high quality brochures and professional addressed letters, we can help you use print to target the right audience, create effective designs, and deliver them through the door. Welcome to the new era of print.