Educational Communication

In this page we will look at the layout of an educational communication/

One difficulty often faced is the layout of any communication. This is slightly more difficult in the case of student recruitment because again there are two audiences to satisfy – parents and teenagers.

Remember the age of your primary audience (parents). They are likely to be un-enamoured by difficult to read type-faces reversed out of colour background! They are likely to be aged mid 40´s to mid 50´s so you have to remember you are communicating primarily to people in this age group.

Do remember that if something is laid out in two single columns per page with only black and white photographs it will look boring. Try to break up the layout so the eyes have to scan the page in a more moving way. Think how newspapers are laid out and remember that we start to scan at the top left of the left-hand page and then break across the page in a horizontal line, from top left to bottom right, before moving onto the next page.

Elements of Communication

Whilst you are presenting copy that has to be factual it also has to be presented in a format that encourages readability. Subheads are a very good idea, because they allow the reader to choose what they want to read and reduces the readership boredom.

Highlight particular aspects that are important. Finally, keep to a maximum of two type-faces if possible, more type-faces cause reader confusion.

Next time we will look at up-lift devices in direct marketing.

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