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Educational Marketing – Help and Guidance

As part of our service we like to provide our clients with advice on best practice in direct mail, examining various subjects we believe you will find of value.

Business Databases

We provide databases to both the industrial market research and educational markets.

Education Database Marketing

For 20 years Scott Marketing have been a provider of names and addresses of responsible adults enabling colleges, schools and universities to directly target the required age group of children and young adults in their own homes.


Scott Marketing offer a fully comprehensive fulfilment service for clients who need it and many colleges, schools and universities take advantage of this.

Free of Charge Count Service

Why not take advantage of our free of charge count service to discover how many potential students on our huge 17 million household database are within the postcodes of your catchment area. All we need from you are the age ranges and postcodes that you are looking to target. Remember school leavers aren’t the only decision makers in their future education, their parents are too!

What our clients say about us

“An efficient and cost effective marketing process. Over a 2 year period, we compared the response to direct mailing using the Scott Marketing database and leafleting using local distributors for Advice Days in November and February. Direct marketing produced roughly twice as many responses on each occasion.”

Director of Marketing & Student Services – Chesterfield College

“Scott Marketing has consistently provided me with an efficient and effective service, currently to the University of Cumbria and prior to that to Cumbria Institute of the Arts. His customer service particularly deserves mention – it’s excellent.”

Marketing Manager, University of Cumbria

“We’ve used Scott Marketing on a number of recent further education Direct Marketing campaigns using their ‘PARENTS’ household data as well as fulfilment services. The data accuracy and speed of response is excellent with highly effective student recruitment campaign results.”

Matt Bond  – Head of Marketing and Communications (Truro and Penwith College)

Meet our team

Derek Scott

Over 30 years experience in the Direct Marketing and Market Research sectors. Derek is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Chartered Marketer.

He believes passionately in the importance of good customer service and along with his team ensures a constant focus on raising customer satisfaction.

Angela Albury

Angela has over 15 years experience as a sales administrator with customer support responsibilities. Angela is a key team member and from feedback received greatly valued by our customers for her timely help and advice.

Keith Johnson

Keith has many years experience in the Direct Marketing industry. He has also worked in a marketing position within the Educational sector. Keith is responsible for quotations and order progress both data and fulfilment. (He makes a good cup of tea too).

Education marketing experts, we are based in Ringwood near M27 motorway and only 20 minutes from Bournemouth and Southampton.

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