Education Database Marketing

Advice on best practice in direct mail. Read more 

Business Databases

Databases for industrial market research and educational markets. Read more 

Educational Marketing – Help and Guidance

For 20 years we’ve provided names and addresses of responsible adults to enable colleges, schools and universities to directly target a specific age group of children and young adults at home. Read more 

Data Clean

Customers often ask us how our data is cleaned to ensure that the most accurate targeting possible is achieved. The answer is that there are many cross-referencing checks carried out on the database. We thought it would be useful to outline the principal ones. Read more 


Scott Marketing offer a fully comprehensive fulfilment service for clients who need it and many colleges, schools and universities take advantage of this. Read more

Design & Print

We can offer the missing parts of the jigsaw. We have brought on-board a professional team of people, highly experienced in both design and printing solutions with schools, colleges and universities. Read more 

Free of charge count service

Take advantage of our FREE Count Service to discover how many potential students on our huge 17 million household database are within the postcodes of your catchment area. All we need from you are the age ranges and postcodes that you’re looking to target. Remember school leavers aren’t the only decision makers  future education, their parents have influence too! Read more

Mapping Your Customers

One of many additional services offered by Scott Marketing is an ability to map your customer base and provide a visual representation of it. We can for example, identify ´hotspots´ by individual postcode sector of where a college or university has the greatest penetration of customers. We can also overlay this with roadmaps where further interrogation is wanted. We can then even look at customer locations by individual street giving a pin-head focus on a college´s penetration. 

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