In this page we will look at the leaflet element of an educational direct mail pack:

A good leaflet should contain 3 distinct elements:

  • Course information
  • Facility information
  • Life at College information

Remember that the leaflet will be read by two audiences – the parent and the young person. Each will need to take something different out of the information you provide. The main point about any leaflet/brochure is that it should contain sufficient information for the reader to make a decision. Think of it as an educational ´catalogue´. If this was a John Lewis catalogue would you want to buy anything from it? The leaflet/brochure should also contain people. Remember you are not just selling the course you are selling Life for someone for the 2-3 years. People buy products from people and it is beneficial to show people enjoying the courses.

We accept there has to be a balance between having a good time and studying hard, but people will be put off if it looks like a sterile environment.

Next time we will look at the layout of an educational communication.

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