Independent Schools Data

Specialised data for independent Schools

Our Independent Schools database can target individuals in their homes. Specifically it can target the home address of young people of between 5 - 18 years of age.

How do we get our data?

Our database is compiled by individuals completing either a product registration questionnaire when purchasing products from major household name companies or via a national shoppers survey (3 times a year).

How do we know our data will be right for you?

See aN example of our data: Birmingham Parents - Example Table pdf

The table above provides numbers of parents of children aged 5 - 18, available for direct mail in towns within the City of Birmingham.

  • View the information in greater detail for the 73 postal districts that comprise the City
  • We can also identify more details including household income band
  • For example, 24% of the 43,670 households have an income level of £35,000 per annum or greater
  • If your interest is focused on common entrance exam entrants (taken at age 12) then the proportion of households with an income above £35,000 is 25%

Please note. These details and more are available for all areas.

  • There are some 17 million names registered on the database
  • The data is continually updated
  • Any record that has been on the database for a period of 2 years and has not been updated, will be automatically removed
  • We guarantee that no more than 5% of any order will be ‘gone aways’. This figure is typically 2-3%
  • The data has proved successful for many independent schools in promoting open days and special events
  • All data is screened against the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) and the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), Postal Address Files, Mortascreen and the Bereavement Register, to name but a few, to ensure that no individuals who are registered on these lists are included in the data available.

How we supply your data 

We can supply data in three ways:

  • via email - the quickest and cheapest option
  • on disk
  • on self adhesive labels

Data via email or disk comes in an Excel CSV format, which means you can pull the data into any software package you are using to create personalised letters and flyers.

we can supply data via email within 48 hours, so we can even help with your last minute mailings.

Call us on 01425 477951 or contact: [email protected]

How to get your Quote

We can provide a fast, no obligation quotation. All we need to know is the following information:

  • Child or adult age range, i.e. parents with children aged 5-13, 14-16 years old or 19-25 year olds
  • Postcode areas (up to first number in sector, ie. BH24 1)
  • Household income level if appropriate

We will provide you with a quotation detailing how many people we can target matching your criteria and how much it will cost to purchase the data.

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Independent Schools


Scott Marketing offer a fully comprehensive fulfilment service for clients who need it and many colleges, schools and universities take advantage of this.

Free of Charge Count Service

Why not take advantage of our free of charge count service to discover how many potential students on our huge 17 million household database are within the postcodes of your catchment area. All we need from you are the age ranges and postcodes that you are looking to target. Remember school leavers aren’t the only decision makers in their future education, their parents are too!

Education Database Marketing

For 20 years Scott Marketing have been a provider of names and addresses of responsible adults enabling colleges, schools and universities to directly target the required age group of children and young adults in their own homes.

Business Databases

We provide databases to both the industrial market research and educational markets.

Educational Marketing – Help and Guidance

As part of our service we like to provide our clients with advice on best practice in direct mail, examining various subjects we believe you will find of value.

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