GDPR Guidelines

There is a considerable amount of ‘hype’ in respect of the forthcoming GDPR Regulations and their effect on various activities, including Direct Marketing.

Although there are some significant consequences for many organisations, GDPR does not fundamentally differ from the requirements of the existing privacy legislation. It is simply that the rules are more stringent and the proposed penalties for failing to adhere to them are somewhat harsher. Neither fact should overly concern any responsible business.

Accordingly, we wish to assure our clients and prospective clients that all data we supply for direct marketing (or other purpose) conforms to the new rules and we will shortly be publishing a full description of our processes. In the meantime be assured that, as long as you only use the information supplied to you within the terms of supply, you will have no additional concerns with respect to data protection.

As a cautionary note, it will always be good practice to delete data supplied to you some suitable time after use (say within 3 months). Indeed, we see the rules in respect of a ‘retention policy’ to be a key element of compliance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions