8 months after GDPR, here’s why its still worth using Direct Mail

Over the last year, many of our clients have needed reassurance that our services continue to comply with the law in the same way as before the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) in May 2018. Some organisations take the view that direct mail (DM) creates an unnecessary risk and have chosen to replace DM with expensive advertising in press, magazines and local billboards. The problem is that these media choices lack the direct communication with the target audience…

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GDPR Guidelines

GDPR Guidelines There is a considerable amount of ‘hype’ in respect of the forthcoming GDPR Regulations and their effect on various activities, including Direct Marketing. Although there are some significant consequences for many organisations, GDPR does not fundamentally differ from the requirements of the existing privacy legislation. It is simply that the rules are more stringent and the proposed penalties for failing to adhere to them are somewhat harsher. Neither fact should overly concern any responsible business. Accordingly, we wish…

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