Social media poll. We asked ‘Do you help your child choose their college or university?’


We decided to run an education marketing poll to check the views of the general public in the current education climate. So, we asked: We’re doing an education marketing poll. Can you help us? Do you help your child choose their college or university?

The results were clear, but surprising. Twitter gained the most responses. Out of 256 votes on twitter we had 57% ‘Yes’ and 43% ‘No’ responses.

We expected a clear majority of parents to be helping children with university and college choices, but it seems a good many young students are left to make their own decisions, along with their school.

In the cases of the Yes responses, it’s clear that parents and children sit down and discuss possibilities together.

In the case the Nos, it’s more complicated. Are parents sitting back in the belief that allowing their children more independence will foster stronger choices? Or are parents’ views not welcomed by the young student?

Choosing a university is an important decision that can affect a child’s future significantly. While they are given advice from school, there is a lot that parents that can do to help in this decision-making process. Parental guidance can play a vital role in helping children make sound choices.

Choose what to study

The decisions start long before sixth form. If a child has an idea of career choice in the future, then parents need to make sure that their A’ level choices, mean they can follow that particular path.

Loving a subject and an environment will help students do well and stay motivated. So, it’s vital to help influence a child to choose a subject and an establishment that they will enjoy.

There are more than 50,000 courses to choose from, taught at more than 300 universities and colleges across the UK, so this can be a difficult choice to make.

How can marketing directors of universities and colleges help

Colleges and universities need to talk to parents as well as children. That 57% of parents and children talking together need influencing and the best way to do this is through shared information. A well laid out brochure or interesting flyer can capture the imagination and invite an enquiry.

Post it out, so that your marketing piece can be passed around in the home between the generations. Even granny or grandad might take a look and have a view. The 47% of children making their own decisions with their school will benefit from postal marketing too. It will give them something real to put in their bag, take to school and discuss with their teachers.

Emails last for minutes. A postal mailing can last a lifetime.